Sunday, January 31, 2010

pavillion shopping v classmates^^

today hang out v my classmates^^
got me, crystal, pei er, thengshen, aoweng, louis, zihong, chonkuan, and bla bla bla....
its too many ady@@
early morning 7.30am wake up bathed and makeup..
then 9.00 go to crystal house and her mummy fetch us go to pavillion~^^
after wait crystal prepared all the things, 10 we went to louis there fetch him, aoweng house and pei er house..
on the way to pavillion, got a bit traffic jam,,
i think is cox of hari thaipussam ..
not long, we was reach sg wang and go mcd wait chonkuan them..
we sit at there and no order anythings, jus chit chat and take photo..
need to take many many..xD
after tat we walk to pavillion and go to cinema book woohoo tiger movie..
but, the ticket were sold out and need to change another movie~
finally we was decide watching 3D avatar
yeah yeah~!! XD
we all was too hungry and go to wong kok have a lunch..
woo...the foond is quite delicious..^^ not bad
after eating we walk around the pavillion and have some jokes at there...
lolxx...XD who got go de remember tat thengshen and the door?? wahahahah..
until 2.20pm we only entry the cinema and take the 3D spectacles to wear..
this is my second times watched avarta ady..
but i didint watch 3D my first time..xD
but we was sit on the second row..damn in front oo..
it is so tired to watch..@@ my neck so pain and i was sleep at there few times..
this is a nice movie^^
after watched movie we go gai gai and eating aso cox zihong need to eat><
after eat we went to ts and take lrt went back to our house ^^
today is a nice memories..
lets see some photos~~
not like me
aoweng and me
crystal and thengshen
nice shirt rite?? xD cute^^
both of us
the avatar tickets
pei er and me
pei er and aoweng
aoweng,liying and weichun act cute...xD
lolxx... i no eyes see jor xD
i like the crystal^^

my dear buddy crystal >///<
we aso say aoweng look like wuzhun abit~ izzit??
liying and her bf
liying and me

funny xD

Saturday, January 30, 2010

pasar malam

yesterday was going to taman muda pm v my classmate crystal, thengshen, pei er, aoweng and louis them...
i so long time didnt go pm jor..
so missing there..xD
when 6.30pm like tat i go crystal house for waiting them first ..
not long, me and crystal go pm walk walk and buying things..^^
crystal bought a short pants and fake lashes..
i aso had bought fake lashes...but, i regret ady..
so kua jeong abit oo..><
after i and crystal ate萝卜糕, we go food court there find thengshen and aoweng them..
we yamcha chit chat at there..
so funny lo..
thengshen and louis keep doing some stupid action let us laughing..xD
laugh until my stomach pain..xD
louis was so excited and look like eat jor stimulant
keep at there singing and dancing or say some cold words..=.=
i and aoweng feel so weird about him...
wat happen v him??
until 10 like tat we all have back and say bye to everyone^^

crystal and thengshen~sweet couple^^
we and pei er..didnt make up geh look is like tat de la...dun be so shock..xD
aoweng me and pei er..^^ my eyes so not yet wake up...
crazy louis and me

aoweng v me~ omg~~! auntie look~~!!@@
pei er v me^^

Friday, January 29, 2010

school life

came back form sckul~
is a nice day today~ but dunno why i have a bit moody in sckul~
feel my mood very down~
but is ok~ ^^
today science period we had to go laboratory do experiment~
i was forgot the experiment is wat ady~ but it let me so excited~
haha~cox this was my first time will do experiment in laboratory~
i no did before when i was form3 and form4 xD
we need to put some bacteria into the jelly and waiting 2-3 days
the jelly was so smelly`~@@
when u smell it u aso feel wan to vomit~~ yiak...==
when doing experiment tat time, i was take some pic of them><
jus see it ba^^

tat three smelly jelly >///<
group of louis, aoweng, jiawen, pei er
after rest, moral period we go to library aso..
it is funny at there, tat thengshen keep let us laughing and make joke v louis ==
lolxx...i had take some video but dun wan upload at here la..
jus keep it as memories ^^
this is thengshen
louis keep use the book knock jiawen head~
he wan be Buddist Monk xD

shy no dare to see my camera shot
liying and aoweng~ look like couple horr?? xD

two soh lou wear spec^^

lolx...this is my school life..
this is my last year schooling i have to take many memories and keep it><
later will go to pasar malam v them~ fuyorr^^
long time no go pasar malam ady..
2mr will go pavillion watch woohoo~! and go ts sg wang shooping v them aso
tee heea~~didnt hang out v them excited^^ lolxxx XDD

Thursday, January 28, 2010

boutique shoot

tuesday i jus had a boutique shoot with my buddy~
we was helping jen's sister shoot for the bubble house~
this was my first time shooting and i was so strained~>///<
all my pose looked so weird and unnatural~ ==
and beside that, im fat ady..
need to keep fit~
cox in the shoot my face look so round and the arm was so fat~
oh my god~~ i need to improve myself already~
but its was a new experience for me and we have a fun on that day^^
will be upload more new clothes and beg~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


逛了金河又走去times square
走到饿了就去那个什么barbeque plaza吃东西
我们两个就叫了一个family set, 两大盘的肉烤来吃
但是那里的食物真的很不错哦 很好吃