Friday, July 31, 2009

no mood

this few day also didnt update my blog ady
cox my fucking brother
duno how to say him la
damm shit
so now just write my blog when ICT class
but also dunno wan to write wat
boring boring boring
just so boring

i will upload again my blog when im free^^

Monday, July 27, 2009

fucking fucking fucking

very no mood now
wan to kill ppl
wat the fuck
u think u are my brother so i must respect u ???
wat kind of ur shit i also wan to respect u ma???
i told u tat is no!!!
u wan me respect u then how u treat ppl???
dun always think tat u are right in whole things
i dun think so
u didnt respect me, didnt respect my fren
so, i also wont respect u too!!!!
start from now, no need u fetch me go to sckul
i hv leg
i can walk myself
i no need depend u i also can life

Saturday, July 25, 2009

boring life

today wanna working again
boring boring and boring
wait until 3.30 pm only go to work
sienz lo
when i working my fren ask me out to shopping yam cha i cant go
now, im free, ask them out they also busy on working or sleeping
very very unlucky de lo
my life are so boring

my future

i wanted to earn more money for my future
mayb i will be go to college when i after i graduate my spm
but wat course i will chose???
hotel management?
business management?
or tourism??
i also dunno
just blur blur in my mind
so confuse
i wonder, will i go college when im graduate?
my exam are so bad
especially my english
is so poor
english are so important for now on
but how come i can get a gud result with my broken english?
im lazy
wanna find a english tuition centre
but until now also N/A
so despair on my english
mayb i reli have to give more effort ady
can't be lazy more


Friday, July 3, 2009


life is boring
every day not study then working
didnt have a day to let me rest
sometimes, i hv so many pressure
i dunno how can i solve my problem
reli wan crazy
wat can i do
i wish...
i wish tat i can relax myself..
i wish tat i wont give up myself..
and i wish tat effort more on my study and working
and the last...
i wish i can be back a gal tat is always happy
i cant gv up!!!