Friday, September 18, 2009



BM - 70
BI - 58
PA- 34
ECO - 24
PM- 26
SC - 35
MATH - 20

Monday, September 14, 2009


haiz...feel so sleepy now...
at ICT class now...
wat i wanna doing i also dunno...
feel wanna rest rest and rest....too tired ady this few days...
every day almost 2-3am only go to sleep, working also tired~~~
bad theng didnt come to school, just let me alone today..
and today my account result will out..
i feel this subject must failed~~~haiz~~~this time my result are too bad...
failed so many subjuct already........
arhhhhh...... i wanna sleep, where have bed to let me sleep.......

Thursday, September 10, 2009

damn shit

change company start from 2mr ady..
damn fuck my this kunci company~and the fucker manager~
today when i go to bank check my salary~they just bank in RM806.90 for me only~but actually they have to paid me RM840 de~~~they less money~~~!!
is ok, fine~ i directly call to my leader and ask him to help me check for it~~he say the manager told the accountant if i one day didnt hit 1 sales, so i didnt hv rm60 per day salary~shit!!!!
he didnt told me before lo~jus say i every day aso got rm60 per day de~but now he say like tat~
damn fuck~ call him dun wan answer my call, din reply my msg aso...say will call back me also wont...
he be a manager, did he had a bit responsibility???!!!!
so fake~ always cheat ppl~ pc fair also cheat me and aiyee de salary~~~ wtf~~~
jus now 10.16pm only sms me say "sry about today unable pick up ur phone. i wasn't purposely not to pick up but my phone was out of battery. the salary for u was miscalcalute. the different of ur salary will pay u by cash" shit!! tat jus a excuses only lo~~~ i dun believe tat he say~~
so i jus asking him back "wat i wan to say also no use ady. my salary always change, accoutan they say is u say if i one day didnt hit 1 sales then no 60 per day. but did u told me b4? u didnt hv lo. pc fair u gv me and aiyee 60 per day i aso didnt say wat lo. but how come u can like tat. can u be a bit responsibility? before say if one day hit 3 sales then u add me 20 or else, but after ask u again u say u didnt say tat. u wan me how to trust u. like tat i better go another company work." so~~~ he didnt reply me anymore~~~
like tat aso gud~ i aso dun wan at he there working~ i gonna change another company~ that company gv me de offer better than this fucker company lo~~~
hmmm~~~start my new life again 2mr~~~new company~ new places and new environment~~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7/9 happy days

long time didnt go to shopping v my gals ady~ feel so happy~
cox every time i aso cant out v them because im hv working~but luckly~ i didnt working 2 day~
yeah~ we are planning to sing k at times square neway and go shopping~^^
but dunno why we all hv some problem... cant sing to the higher key~~~and our mood hv some strange~
mayb we all are so tired~lol~
but anyway~ we are so happy tat can hanging together, playing together and sing k together~
it is so fun~~~~~~
after sing k , we go to shopping awhile and go to eat dessert~ we have take so many pic... but the bad jen are took so many of our ugly pic....hehehe..bad gal.....~~~
when 7.30 pm like tat we are aso take lrt when back our home^^

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


saturday working~ so so so so du lan my manager~little bit reponsibility also dun have~
aso dunno how he can be manager~ fucking him so~ he aso dunno to respect our gal~
always say tat ham sap things ~~!!!!! damn shit de
he know roving got so many boys only me a gal still wan me follow them~reli so hate~
roving so hot la~ like a sun burning on my head~~~~~~~
after next day, lucky tat i follow danny to tropicana work~
hehe~cox he is the gud guy and no need scare got ham ham sap sap de things will happen~
so happy tat got sales and no need eat eggs~~~wakakaka~~~~~~
after finish, ah heng, danny, ai yee and tat fucker manager go to momo yam cha~
we chatting and playing at there~
but no one person are like tat manager~ coz he very fuck~~~~~
but im take some pic at there...hahaha.....ah heng and danny...........
our roving car..........
so ugly oo........
at topicana toilet...wahaha..
hehe...celcom heng and danny....... momo there playing de....