Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Half Year Anniversary ❤

27/9 is our half year anniversary~ never think that we have so fast together half year already~ I feel that we just start our relationship no longer only~haha, is so funny right? =p Both of us waited the time reached to 12 a.m. and sent a message to each other and said "happy half year anniversary to u my babe!" LOL! When that time, I was sleep and dating with MR.CHOW, but I still wake up automatically at 12 a.m. Luckily I'm not being a pig! xD
Seriously, I'm so cherish when we are together every moment! I don't wish to have any argument between us and I just wanna to stay sweet with you! 
Yes you are, you are the man who i wish, you are the man who I care, you are the man who I love~ I wish you to be my Mr.Right~  
In these days, you had gave me so many of your love and your care! I still remember the time when I was sick, you take care of me, feed me the medicine and mineral water~ Because of sick, I can't even drive back to my home! But you help me drive and sent me back home safety and told my mum that I was sick! You're make me so touch when that time! First time felt really have a person who are very care about me! Thanks you my man~❤❤ 
Everything what you had did I still remember very clearly! Sometimes, we might have some argument because of some matter, and I won't bother you in that day or else~ But soon, you'll find me back and tam me~ Just because you don't want we argue because of a small matter~ You're indulge me always because of my hot temper~ =)
My man, I'm so appreciate that I have you! Appreciate that you appear in my life and colorful my life! sweet** 

Stay sweet in every moment~=)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


新的学期开始,自然地也比上一期的更艰难和繁忙了,感觉有点痛苦,因为星期六也必须回学校上课 =( 我的妈啊!但是我相信,只要有付出,就会有成果~



而你们,也让我好惊喜~ 整班穿上黄衣,就好像bersih一样 XD
第一次,有那么多人为我唱生日歌~ ^^

还有在一起六年的亲爱们♥♥,谢谢你们的蛋糕!终于我们全部能聚在一起了,我好怀念我们中学时的疯狂~ =p